Lee Marmon Gallery photographer of Indian Art


Lee Marmon's Contribution to American Culture

Marmon has given the Laguna culture of yesteryear something that their forebears did not have: A legacy of faces and names that are truly human. That human face is Lee Marmon's gift to his culture, and to us.

Here is a limited selection of his best known and most highly acclaimed images. All are available for immediate purchase, both framed and unframed, or in wall poster form, in the Online Store.

Lee's images are sure to delight and enchant the outdoor lover, the history buff, the art collector, the cultural sophisticate, and anyone who embraces a love of the earth and humanity in all of their splendid variations.

Visions of My People: A proud celebration of the Laguna People, and of American history, talent, culture, and diversity from America's best-loved Native American Photographer.

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White Man's Moccasins

"Of the thousands of photographs I've taken over the years, this one has found the most acclaim. The elderly gentleman in the photo is Jeff Sousea. I'd known Jeff all of my life. He was known on the pueblo as 'Old Man Jeff', and was quite a character. He spent years serving as caretaker for the Laguna Mission, and he always kept the tourists entertained with tall tales of hidden gold and herbal roots that made him strong for the women.

Jeff was already in his eighties when I approached him on the plaza one day. He wasn't in the mood to sit for a photo at first, but he changed his mind after I handed him a cigar. We didn't do much preparation, because Old Man Jeff had no patience. You'd never know it from the photo. His personality shines through vividly. Old Man Jeff would be proud to know that his image has become so well-known and admired today."

(Laguna Pueblo, 1954)
Camera: Rolleiflex Twin Lens 2.25 x 2.25