Lee Marmon Gallery photographer of Indian Art


Laguna Pueblo: A Photographic History

by Lee Marmon, Tom Corbett

The distinguished American Indian photographer Lee Marmon has documented over sixty years of Laguna history: its people, customs, and cultural changes. Here more than one hundred of Marmon’s photos showcase his talents while highlighting the cohesive, adaptive, and independent character of the Laguna people.

Along with Marmon’s own oral history of the tribe and his family photos dating back to 1872, Tom Corbett presents archival images and historical research, making this the most complete published history of any southwestern pueblo. Marmon and Corbett also interviewed noted tribal elders and oral historians regarding customs, religious practices, and events of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The resulting narrative provides a fascinating story of survival through severe natural and man-made adversities, including droughts, plagues, marauding tribes, and cultural invasion. Through it all, Laguna has preserved its culture and retained sovereign powers over the pueblo and its territory.

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Laguna Pueblo: A Photographic History

Craig Varjabedian Review:

"Over the years I have become more and more enchanted by his (Lee Marmon's) images. When I look at them, something in the chant from the Navajo Nightway ceremonial and its most salient phrase, "It is finished in beauty" comes to mind. I sense that's its powerful meaning resonates within his beautiful photographs.

Tom Corbett ably provides archival images, historical research, and interviews with noted tribal elders and oral historians about customs and religious practices for the book. (His)… research and thoughtful writing provide a rich context to better appreciate the photographs and thereby Laguna Pueblo itself.

This book is a must-have for anyone interested in black-and-white photography, the American Southwest, or the history of New Mexico's native peoples."
-Craig Varjabedian

Book Award Announcement:

Laguna Pueblo-A Photographic History (Marmon and Corbett) was judged "Best Book-2015" by a panel of librarians, publicists and other literary critics sponsored by the New Mexico Book Co-op. The award was announced at the Awards Banquet in Albuquerque November 20, 1015.